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Ski guide to the Giant Mountains.

Ski areal Kněžický vrch

Kněžický vrch Ski Area is located only 400m from the historical center of Vrchlabí. There are 2 cableways, a 4-seater detachable cable car, a 3-chair lift and 2 lifts. The slopes are artificially snow-covered and the terrains are ideal for beginners and families with children.

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Distance from IT CENTER Apartments : 1,6km, 4 minutes

Ski areal Herlíkovice – Bubákov

The Herlíkovice-Bubákov Ski Resort in the Giant Mountains is a popular place for family trips and ski courses. The combination of two complexes, Herlíkovice and Bubákov with different terrain profiles, created a unique combination of downhill courses of various difficulty.

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Distance from IT CENTER Apartments : 3.3km, 9 minutes

Ski areal Špindlerův Mlýn

Svatý Petr

The most sought-after area is the scene of many great sports events in the Czech Republic. From long wide blue slopes waiting for beginners to the black FIS World Cup sought after by experienced riders.


A gateway to the world of skiers and snowboarders in Ski areal Spindleruv Mlyn. Beautiful long, rugged downhill ski run, especially for experienced skiers. The goal of enthusiasts of one of the longest evening skiing in the Czech Republic.


A sunny mountain touching the clouds. The highest skiing peak in Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Resort. The red downhill slopes up to 60 meters, moving to the front of the widest slopes in the Czech Republic. Even the black ski slope does not stay in the background.

Horní Mísečky

A small area with plenty of possibilities. The place of the birth of new skiers. Great mild and wide slopes for children and beginners. New skiers and snowboarders are born here.


The red piste, which is located at the Labská dam at the beginning of Špindlerův Mlýn. Smaller and quiet resort is especially sought after by families with children. 

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Distance from IT CENTER Apartments : 15 km, 24 minutes

Skiresort Černá Hora – Pec

Černá Hora (Jánské Lázně)

The largest of the five ski resorts of ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. The longest, up to three kilometers slopes of the Black Mountain. On the track of the giant slalom with time lapse (MS2), you can measure your speed.

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Pec pod Sněžkou

The second largest ski resort of ČERNÁ HORA - PEC, which is connected to the ski resort of Černá hora thanks to SkiTour. The area in Pec is suitable for sports and recreational skiing and snowboarding. It offers 12.6 km of slopes and ski attractions such as Funline with tilted curves and an 8-meter long tunnel, or downhill slopes and giant slalom (TS1, MS1).

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Černý Důl

In the Černý Důl area, families with children and beginners are the best. The area is equipped with wide slopes and chairlifts. There is also a children's ski park SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. The area offers newly 7.2 km of slopes.

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Velká Úpa

A small but friendly ski and snowboard area where sports, recreational skiers and families can enjoy. The total length of 2.5 km of slopes is completely equipped with artificial snow.

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Svoboda nad Úpou

The smallest of SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC is ideal for families with small children and beginners. Clear slopes, the FordBar terrace at the bottom of the area, which will be appreciated especially by the non-family family escort. Even here you can try your speed and skiing skills on the giant slalom track with time lapse (MS3).

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Distance from IT CENTER Apartments: 17 km, 25 minutes